Rainmaker Night tour


During the night tour at Rainmaker Park, you can observe and photograph beautiful frogs, such as red-eyed tree frogs, different types of bats, lizards, spiders, owls, and even scorpions that glow under the black light.

This tour takes place in a private reserve 23 kilometers from Manuel Antonio, however it is worth taking this tour, the forest itself is spectacular and is home to a large number of insects, amphibians and reptiles.

The tour lasts 2 and a half hours and during the first hour there will be an intense search for colorful frogs and snakes around a lagoon that has the ideal vegetation for frogs to find their better half.

Once we have found all the species that the lagoon has to offer, we will begin with a walk through the jungle where each person will have a flashlight to appreciate nature and take care of their steps.

The guide will always be providing information about everything that can be seen in the forest and will never stop looking for the animals!

Included in the tour

• Entrance fee

• Certified tour guide

• Flashlights